The main ROBOR indexes started the week decreasing


today 00:00



The 3-month ROBOR index, which calculates the cost of consumer loans in ROL with variable interest rates, fell to 3.26% from 3.29% yesterday, followed by indexes for 6.9 and 12 months, according to data provided by the National Bank of Romania (BNR). The 6-month ROBOR index, used to calculate interest rates on variable yield loans, fell yesterday to 3.49%, from 3.50%. The nine-month ROBOR index, representing the interest rate paid on loans denominated in ROL from commercial banks of other commercial banks for a nine-month period, fell from 3.58% to 3.56% yesterday. In addition, the 12-month ROBOR index, representing the interest rate paid on legal claims drawn by commercial banks from other commercial banks for a 12-month period, fell to 3.61% from 3.64% on Monday, market. ROBOR represents the average interest rate at which Romanian banks borrow between them in law. The index is defined daily as the arithmetic mean of the quoted rates of 10 banks selected by the NBR.

Article published in the printed edition of Ziarul Financiar of 06.11.2018


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