The first cases of influenza vaccine do not immunize family physicians


Doctors tell the first cases of flu this season. And in the full immunization campaign, we found that the serum in family doctors' offices does not provide complete protection. Four strains of the virus are circulating this season. And the vaccine only provides protection for three of them. Whoever wants a safer immunization serum pays in pharmacies.

The vaccination campaign has already begun more than two months ago. And more than 800,000 people received the immunization injection in family doctor's offices. Those who have been vaccinated with free serum, delivered to family doctors by the state, will not be sure that they will not get the disease. This is because the vaccine does not provide immunization for all four strains of the virus circulating each season in Europe.

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If you want to be completely immunized, you have to take money out of your pocket. There are several types of vaccines available in pharmacies, ranging from 20 to 60 lei. However, they must be kept and transported under certain conditions, so some doctors may require patients to sign additional documents.

51:12 The patient buys in the pharmacy refrigerator where the temperature is between 2 and 8 degrees
51:28 That's why it has to be transported in cold conditions, that is, in the refrigerator

Properly administered vaccine remains the safest method of preventing influenza infections. Even so, many Romanians still avoid this.


03:40 Influenza is translated by the following: 39 degrees fever, muscle pain, joint pain, plus, less headache 3:51

Pregnant women, obese people, with diabetes or with cardiovascular disease are among the most vulnerable when it comes to the flu. They can develop severe forms that can lead to death. Last year, 129 Romanians lost their lives because of the flu. In Romania, since the beginning of the current flu season, 8 cases of influenza have already been confirmed.


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