The best survival guide for this black Friday!


We all try to find the best discounts on your favorite products but most of the time this period becomes a true witch hunt and can degenerate into frustrations caused by running through shops or surfing sites to find the largest number of products. Good Business.

So here's the latest survival guide for this black Friday:

1. Start with a shopping list

Make a shopping list of the products you want and try to identify where you can buy. This will help you to keep your focus on the products you want. We all know that certain offers can get in the way of our goal and end up buying things we may not want.

2. Try to have a plan B

In most cases, stocks can be depleted from the desired product and, to avoid frustration, it is good to have a plan B and a list of adjacent products to replace what you initially wanted. This is how you will definitely be successful.

3. Plan your route and surf the internet

If you go to the stores, try to have a well-defined route and target the products that are at the top of your list. Prioritize the stores to avoid getting into everything you probably did not want to get into. If you buy online, enter the online stores as fast as possible and target the products on your shopping list. This will make you get in stock. An extra tip is to place the product in your shopping cart to ensure it is yours until you complete the online shopping.

4. Have a friend with you

You are most likely in the war of reductions when you are over. So take a friend with you to shop in the stores that can help you in the showroom. Even online, you share online stores to get more chances of getting discounts.

5. Bring the best deals ahead of time

To avoid disappointment and know what to expect, look for the discounts that brands and retailers are promoting for this black Friday. This is the only way to segment the bid you want based on your shopping list.

The FOREX Black Friday frenzy will unfold November 16 with Attractive discounts of up to 33% applied to a variety of best sellers that you need to have.

UFO and Mini UFO reduced by up to 30%

For a few moments every day, the UFO transitions you into a world of yours only with technology that delivers impressive results and provides an indulgent experience for the senses. A perfect treatment with UFO-compatible masks is the quintessence of knowledge of Korean masks that combines with Swedish beauty technology and formulations that offer facial facial treatment in just 90 seconds at home. Experience the beauty of innovation and transform your skin with UFO.

LUNA 2 reduced by up to 33%

It does not matter which face brush you have used so far, as this revolutionary T-sonic facial cleansing brush and anti-aging system will definitely improve your cleansing routine. LUNA 2 is designed to reduce blemishes while effectively addressing the concerns of aging skin. It is available in 4 variants, so you can choose the one that suits your skin type.

LUNA mini 2 reduced by 30%

This skin cleansing brush is Amazon's best seller and is the favorite of beauty bloggers – ultra-silicone silicone is perfect for any skin type. In addition, it comes in 6 color variations – from pearl to black.

ISSA 2 and ISSA mini 2 reduced by up to 33%

The advanced oral care patch was raised again. The ISSA 2 combines sleek, waterproof design with enhanced sonic pulses and a brush tip. Also, a charge is enough for 365 days, which means more care for your smile. In an upgraded version, the ISSA mini 2 is an electric pulse with a battery of 235 days and has a bright and colorful design that allows you to lose any brush, no matter how agitated it becomes.

All Black Friday cuts can be found in Douglas stores and in November 16.


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