The BBC launches a stunning and impressive film for the Romanian abducted London sex slave. Anca Dumitra praised the VIDEO interpretation


The Doing Money show for BBC Two will be on November 5 and part of "Why Slavery?" A feature film series that presents today's sexual slavery in the UK.

The 90-minute feature written by Gwyneth Hughes and directed by Lynsey Miller, Ano's stunning story is a Romanian kid kidnapped in a busy day on a London street sold in the United States and used as a sex slaves in several brothels for 10 months. After being rescued, Ana told her story and helped her to accept the law on trafficking in human beings and exploitation in the United States over the last 200 years, which was the first slavery law. Only last year nearly five million girls and women participated in sexual exploitation without their will.

The BBC notes that "Doing Money" is a unique, breakthrough drama, an exciting and provocative thriller with a strong outlook, indicating an alarming modern slavery.

BBC drama is actor Anca Dumitru who became famous in the "Las Fierbinti" series as Geanina's portrait, while Irish star Allen Leech, another famous "Downton Abbey", helped escape the prisoners from Romania. Other actors include Alec Secareanu, Dragos Bucur, Cosmina Stratan, Voica Oltean and Alina Serban.

Both Ana and the police officer who saved him helped BBC to compile the film according to Cosmopolitan.

Anca Dumitra admitted that the hardest part was that it was a real story: "Anyone, even as I can. This is the most important thing, this is a real story," the actress told Cosmopolitan. He also told BBC Two about the Romanian personality: "Ana is a really remarkable man who survived his determination and courage with an endless abuse, a heroine in real life. His story is so great and it is a great honor to interpret it.

Critics of the Irish Times welcome the role of an actress: "Anca Dumitra is the impressive presence of the screen and a great action on her shoulders, with a brilliant, gentle central interpretation."

Leech, however, explained: "When I read the script, I realized that it was an object I did not know, and yet it is under our eyes, and Ana's experience shines like a light on the shocking truth about trafficking in human beings and slavery in the United Kingdom, Dougie Grant is one of the most important police officers who was involved in the original trial. It is a privilege to play.

One goal of the film, according to Alex Cooke's executive producer, is to draw attention to women who are too often invisible to people around them. Taking into account the horrors that the young woman passed through, many of her stories could not be adapted even on small screens.

"I think Ana would say," How can people not notice it? "Written by Gwyneth Hughes:" Ana was dirty, crushed, it seemed to have gone … Try to spot things and do not be afraid to ask questions. "

"This is a disgraceful drama, but it is imperative and important to see it, and money is gaining anxiety, despair and terrorism in human trafficking." There is no point in this drama. "The devil is hidden in more detail and details of Anna's experience, perpetrators who step one step further make it difficult to look at the film, "writes the Irish Times.


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