Surprising case in Slobozia: A prosecutor fined 5,000 lei for the police who stopped him in traffic



Surprising case in Slobozia: A prosecutor fined 5,000 lei for the police who stopped him in traffic

Prosecutor Mihai Laurentiu, a public prosecutor linked to the Slobozia court, decided in early November to amend two police officers who stopped him in traffic in July. According to the decree signed by the prosecutor, obtained by MEDIAFAX, the police car prevented him because he exceeded legal speed and ITP expired, and the whole procedure for the amendment and removal of the plates caused him to delay the prosecution. .

"Failure to apply a severe sentence would create a dangerous precedent, facilitating not only perpetrators but also other bad guards, by the power of example on the pretext of punishing offenses, committing similar abuses against other magistrates, intimidating magistrates or, why not To accept the opposite conclusion would mean that we accept, as a consequence, that any road police, under the pretext of having a magistrate sanctioned in contravention, has the possibility not only of amending the magistrate, but also of detaining him more than he imposes, the proceedings, by a purpose, vengeful, scorn or even without purpose, based on the unilateral manifestation of the will and subsequent subjective justifications, temporarily the magistrate to exercise judicial powers without the latter having any in punish the police officer in question, which blatantly contradicts the prominent role that the legislature has given to magistrates, in safeguarding public order and in defending social standards, "police said police are fined.

According to the document, the magistrate was fined by police at the time with the sum of 2,175 lei, and throughout the process he would have been mocked by the agents who delayed the action. The prosecutor said that he had delayed several hours at work because the police refused to take him to the prosecutor's office, although they were traveling to Slobozia.

"By promulgating these rules, the legislature did not allow the traffic police to arrogate their powers beyond the sanctioning of road violations, much less against a magistrate … In this context, given the gravity of the matter, the application of the value maximum of the fine is a strictly necessary measure to make police officers aware of the seriousness of detaining a magistrate, "the document states. .


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