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Tottenham had 2-1 in their field Manchester City after 10 minutes plus the result of the tournament, 1-0, and was very popular in qualifying in the semifinals of the competition.

Pep Guardiola's team, however, had an incredible comeback and, in just 11 minutes, passed the lead, 3-2. He scored once after the break through Aguero and his thoughts Mihai Stoicasports director FCSB, be in Middlesbrough.

FCSB, who won by 1-0, like Tottenham, had 2-0 at 23 minutes, a bigger advantage than the Londoners. He eventually gave up, 2-4, getting the last goal in the 89th minute.

MM, however, warned that Tottenham had enough time to score. Just a few moments after posting, Llorente scored for the Londoners, who scored 3-4, enough to qualify.

mihai stoica

After 1-0 in Bucharest, FCSB disqualified in the UEFA Cup semi-finals in April 2006 with Middlesbrough, losing 2-4 despite leading 2-0.


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