Saturday , October 23 2021

Şerban Nicolae in the Senate:


Şerban Nicolae said in the Senate, where it was debated the movement by which the Opposition requested the resignation of Teodor Melescanu, that there should be no vote by correspondence or electronic vote, as the Romanian citizens are equal:not voting for other citizens at the top of the bed. "

"Let's agree that Romanian citizens are equal, that if at the top of the mountain vote at the polling station, moving the person regardless of age to the polling station, do not do to other citizens voting on the top of the bed by mail or electronically.

You know very well that the ambassadors appointed by Klaus Werner Iohannis, whom you dare not, organized the elections. Did you know that when it was said that Bucharest closed the tablets, in fact it was the security service, it was USSR-PLUS.

Not Bucharest has closed the pills, but you do not have the courage to take it from your masters because they pay and ask.

This motion, as well as the referendum is a scam, slogan collection slogans, a formula of cheap political issues that could not be resolved with the resignation of the foreign minister, can not be the public position of the Senate.

You have the courage, stand on your knees! Ask for the resignation of the president of Romania and his appointed ambassadors in countries where there were problems, otherwise hypocrisy comes to your face, "Serban Nicolae told lawmakers.

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