Scandal in the online environment after the blood donation campaign for Mihai Constantinescu. The reaction of the Minister of Health


About 100 people donated blood yesterday to singer Mihai Constantinescu, hospitalized at Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest on 13 May after suffering a respiratory arrest and his brain not being oxygenated for more than 10 minutes. Since then, the artist has been in an induced coma. Just one day after the mass mobilization, many people criticized this campaign in an online environment.

Online environment scandal after 100 people donated blood to Mihai Constantinescu

Mihai Constantinescu has been hospitalized for more than a month at Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest. After a very short time was disconnected from the device, and the artist's heart resumed some functions, the doctors decided to reconnect because he showed no signs of returning. Friends and relatives have been released since last week a blood donation campaign for the musician Mihai Constantinescu.

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This campaign mobilized 100 people, friends, but also many young people who donated blood to the artist Mihai Constantinescu. Later in the online environment, there were several postings criticizing the blood donation for the artist, TV from Romania. The main reason for the rebellion would be that the artist is of advanced age, and the Internet thinks that we must donate blood to the young people.

Minister of HealthSorina Pintea responded to the acid comments of the Internet. "You can understand how low we come if there is hope.We have to mobilize to do everything we can.Those who commented should also donate, not only to Mihai Constantinescu, but to all patients in this country, she said.

Sorina Pintea gave the answer to the Internet
Difficult messages after 100 people donated blood to Mihai Constantinescu
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Marcel Pavel, the artist's friend, responded to comments on the Internet

And Marcel Pavel, the singer and boyfriend of the artist, responded to the villains who commented on the donation of blood to Mihai Constantinescu. "I've heard the comments, I think it's terrible, but I think there are isolated cases, we can help with love, so much hate for some people … It does not matter the age, but the need to help and gesture. it for love, for the desire to do good, said Marcel Pavel.

Petre Geambaşu was also present at the hospital yesterday, but did not donate blood because of his age, but supported Mihai Constantinescu's wife, Simona Secrier. "We came, but we are overcome by age." We met Simona, we entered into our arms. "10 days ago they wanted to disconnect and angry they refused, things could change," Geambasu said in front of the hospital.

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