Samsung GALAXY S10 clear

Samsung GALAXY S10. The clearest picture with the phone that comes in Plus version was published today on the internet, and details everything about the design of the front of the phone. I have seen photos of actual units of Samsung GALAXY S10 so far, even with the Plus version, but this one now has the best resolution, and is the clearest with a real unit, so take a good look, because that's how the phones will look .

Samsung GALAXY S10. I told you in the article where I compare the iPhone with the XS that I like the new design that Samsung has created for their phones, and I think it's a bit higher than the one made for the iPhone phones now. The clipping has been replaced by a perforation on the screen of the Samsung GALAXY S10, and as you can see in the actual unit in the image below, the phone looks a bit strange but anyway much better than the one offered by Apple.

Samsung GALAXY S10 appears in the clearest image so far

Samsung GALAXY S10 clear image

Samsung GALAXY S10. The edges of the screen are also very thin, and this is because we are talking about a curved screen outside the box, making it easier to reduce black edges that are not liked by a customer. These glimpses of the Samsung GALAXY S10 screen remain even thinner than those of the iPhone XS, and despite the fact that both have OLED screens, Samsung can offer something superior to customers.

Samsung GALAXY S10. So far, some of the news prepared for this series of phones has been revealed to some extent, or more, more than a month before its official presentation. It's hard to say what kind of surprises the Samsung GALAXY S10 can offer, so the phones will be incredible in one form or another, but probably the Koreans still have something unprepared to show something new in their conference.

Samsung GALAXY S10. All three phones in the series will be presented on February 20, so in less than a month, the launch will probably take place on March 8.


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