"Ronaldo has a five-year contract with Georgina." A sexy bomb in Russia makes an impressive statement and says the Portuguese did it with another "girlfriend"


Victoria Bonya, a well-known TV star in Russia, made an incredible statement in the press in her country. This argues that "Ronaldo and Georgina have a five-year contract."

Cristiano Ronaldo concludes contracts with women in his life! It's what Russian woman Victoria Bonya, the actress and TV star of her country, is saying. She said in a Russian publication that the Juventus star did the same with the beautiful Irina Shayk, with whom she had a "relationship" of five years.

Victoria Bonya argues that Ronaldo's relationships are actually "contract-based collaborations".

He also says that Ronaldo and Georgina have a 5 year contract.

"There are rumors that Irina Shayk and Ronaldo had a five-year contract, but my current girlfriend is probably a five-year contract too, now the women are ready to do anything if I agree to it? I would love to have a family with all the rights.It is not about money, but about starting to live your life.I would not agree with that ", Victoria Bonya said, according to FootballTop.ru

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina have a relationship since 2016 and have a daughter together, whom Alana Martina has named.


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