Rona Hartner, unrecognizable after diagnosis of colon cancer


Just two months after surgery to remove some tumors in the colon, Rona Hartner received bad news.

Rona suffers from colon cancer and will have to do cytostatic for 6 months.

"I was diagnosed with intestinal occlusion of a colon cancer that was very bad. The doctor did not hesitate and cut that stenosis, the cancer finally sent to her, and I received the news after three weeks and it was really a cancer, it was The oncologist told me that there was no time to expect that I would have to undergo cytostatic prevention for six months.In fact, next to this cancerous tumor, there were still five.the five lymph nodes that were on the outside of the original tumor they were pumping malignant cells all over the body.I thought I was in Phase 1 or 2, but I'm already in stage three of the cancer.I can not wait any second any more.In Monday, I will be operated again to put a catheter under my skin to start the first cytostatic session very quickly … I'm not afraid of cytostatics, I do this every two weeks … Now that it does not fall over the next five years and not metastasis, I have to do this preventive chemotherapy so that all the cancerous cells are rooted. It's easier chemotherapy, no effects. I do not lose my hair and I do not lose weight, I would have liked to lose a little, but I'm not getting weak, "said Rona Hartner, at Rai Da Buni's show, presented by Mihai Morar at Antena Stars.

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