Renault's more ambitious project that would also help Dacia


Join the Renault, Nissan Motor Company and Mitsubishi Motors is the largest automotive alliance in the world.

The Renault and Nissan assemblers have collaborated in launching an institute that works with innovative technologies for the automotive industry.

The two companies have opened a new innovation laboratory in Tel Aviv, Israel. Here, researchers will focus on developing the sensors needed for standalone cars. In addition, the lab will also deal with cyber-security, but also with what we call "big data," that is, databases with a large volume or that are too complex to be handled by traditional processing software. data.

Called the Alliance Innovation Lab Tel Aviv, it will be a unique collaboration model between Israeli startups and the Renault-Nissan alliance. Works with more than 10 startups in the state of Israel. The entire operation also benefits from the support of the Israeli state government.

The location of the lab allows Renault and Nissan to make prototypes in ideal conditions, and because Tel Aviv is a smart city. As an area, covers 1600 square meters. Startups have enough space to test the technologies that are working on real vehicles.

New Renault and Nissan collaborative lab

It comes as a complement to research being conducted at the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance labs in Silicon Valley and Shanghai. However, financial details were not disclosed.

In addition, representatives of Renault and Nissan have clarified certain rumors about the relationship between the two. The collaboration between the two seemed to have deteriorated. After November 2018, it was revealed that Carlos Ghosn, president of Renault and Nissan, had underestimated the revenue generated by Nissan's management by $ 44 million. However, the two companies denied the rumors on this occasion.


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