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Dinamo have low playoffs, although Rednic promise that the team will fight for the European Cup in 2019.

This is what Cristi Munteanu thinks, the former dog trainer. The economy may come after the FCSB classic, Munteanu says. Guilty of the current situation: Negotiates and President David.

"Dynamo are looking for, unfortunately, half a championship is over. I did not think Dynamo would be so low, no one thought! The mistake was made by management. It was a very poor management. Decline of Dinamo started in the departure of Contra and Mutu. They made the wrong decisions because they did not understand. Negoita and David are not people who know the phenomenon. You can not make a pig farm and own the farm and the vet.

The wrong decisions have led to what is happening now. Brat had to be carried out, in my opinion. The club showed weakness. Claudiu came and he left after 13 training sessions. Narcotics Explanation: I caught the moment with Free Rednic. Total non-professional. Ignorance! The club disqualifies itself by doing so. Your image, your marketing … it's over! Rednic knew where he came from. He is a good trainer, maybe Dinamo, he can pick up the team. Dynamo has more than 10% chance of playing.

Rednic is coming, he knows he is not allowed to make transfers, but gives it to the players. The coach is made big or small by the players. He is not allowed, as a coach, to allow a elimination in front of a third league team. This is no longer the problem of the players! For Dynamo, any point is important. If they play well and win the game, which I think is very possible, the situation can change. Dynamo have many play-offs. Another mistake made by Rednic: he also gave up on Gicu Grozav as well. He was a player who helped Dynamo. Others gave the scale. It takes players with personality. De Grozav was necessary. He and Nistor could be decisive there, they had experience and quality, everything you want, "said Munteanu. www.sport.ro.

Gabriel Chirea


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