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Power games without Raresh Bogdan. Backstage. As the former TV moderator lost the head of the Bucharest branch

The NLP President, Ludovic Orban, proposed Violeta Alexandru to the leadership position of Bucharest, not Rareş Bogdan. Thus, the former moderator of the show "Power Games with Rare Bogdan" hit the games for the first time in the party, which left him out of power.

The reasons? Firstly, NLP-commissioned sociology research has shown that Rareş Bogdan does not have access to Bucharest, where liberals have been shaken by the USR-PLUS Alliance, which has scored almost triple the NLP – more than 40%. "Rareş Bogdan brings votes to villages, communes and small towns, where he receives his patriotic messages." In the capital, voters have another profile: young, pretentious, waiting for new faces. his place is not ahead of the Bucharest organization, "say NLP leadership sources for" Adevărul. "

Just to get closer to the USR-PLUS, Ludovic Orban proposed Violeta Alexandru, former Minister of Social Dialogue in the Ciolos government and director of the Institute of Public Policy (IPP) Violeta Alexandru, which is connected to the company's requirements. civil. According to the sources cited, Violeta Alexandru is much appreciated in the party, in the race and in the score that was elected: 21 votes in favor, only two against and two abstentions. "There were colleagues who supported Rareş Bogdan at the meeting but who spoke well about Violeta Alexandru," said one of the NLP leaders. Vice-President Florin Roman and MEP Cristian Buşoi, former head of the Bucharest organization, were on the side of Rareş Bogdan.

Cleaning and Sectors
On the eve of the NLP meeting, 600 members of the Bucharest organization sent a letter of support to Rareş Bogdan, but the move affected the former TV creator. "It was still a confirmation that the old gang is not going, despite the fact that the NLP was the third in Bucharest, even after the PSD. In addition, some of the current leaders of the sector known as blatistas boasted that they would still be in office if Rareş Bogdan was elected, "according to party sources for" Adevărul. " Cristian Olteanu, former leader of NLP in Sector 5, and Răzvan Sava, former leader of NLP in Sector 4, initiated the letter of support, according to the sources quoted. Olteanu is close to liberal baron Teodor Atanasiu, while Răzvan Sava is a comrade with Cristian Popescu Piedone, the mayor who resigned after the collective tragedy.

Violeta Alexandru will come in a week with 6 major new proposals, so all the current leaders, many of whom are aligned with the PSD, will be changed with new people without ads. "A new stage begins today in NLP You will see decisions in this regard People should see that NLP is an authentic opposition force," said Violeta Alexandru, asking if he would exclude the party's blatista.

"You only have one" Number One "and you want to play the final with the"
At the Executive Bureau (BEX) meeting, where Violeta Alexandru was validated, NLP deputy Florin Roman, one of Rareş Bogdan's supporters, hired Ludovic Orban. Rareş Bogdan was the best option, "he sent Roman to Orban." A leader must meet, do not split, what is happening now for the party is neither statutory nor constructive. The president of NLP does not owe it. "Contrary to you, I did not write on Facebook who I am stating. The decision on Violeta Alexandru is based on a lot of analysis," Orban said, referring to Florin Roman who posted a few days ago on Facebook: "When you have a single President Klaus Iohannis called Rareş Bogdan "number one" as soon as he was placed at the top of the list of Members of the European Parliament "Number One" and you want to play the final with the reserves, this goes to victory? .

Rareş Bogdan asked his colleagues to shoot for the presidential election campaign. "We have to form a team. If not, it is possible that after the presidents we will go to the Cotroceni receptions in Ciolos, not in Iohannis," Rareş Bogdan said at the meeting, according to information obtained by Adevărul.

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