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PlayStation 5 console gets first price in Romania and Sony registers PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9 and PS10

I am convinced that there is a high percentage of gamers who will not buy a console during the winter holidays of 2019, awaiting next-generation models next year. Today we find the first price listed in Romania for PlayStation 5 and it's smaller than I thought. Meanwhile, we see that Sony has registered names for its future consoles, from PS6 to PS7, PS8 and so on to PS10.

Let's start with the first news, namely: PlayStation 5 was listed by the JRC Gamecenter store by 2499 lei. JRC entered Romania last year and is a Central European retailer who somehow always manages to bring games and consoles early and have enough stocks. In recent months, they have opened stores in Park Lake and Mega Mall and have been able to bring the new Nintendo Switch Lite console earlier than rivals like Media Galaxy.

The price mentioned above is lower than expected, especially since another store in Sweden listed the PS5 for 4000 lei or more. I remember that Sony has already confirmed the existence and name of the PlayStation 5, but also the arrival of the console in the winter of 2020. We know that it will have an SSD, ray tracing, 3D sound and graphics up to 8K. Your processor will be an Ryzen AMD processor and the GPU will use Navi technology.

As for the other interesting news, Sony would have recorded names your future consoles: PlayStation 6, PlayStation 7, PlayStation 8, PlayStation 9, and PlayStation 10. There would be plenty to keep us busy until 2040 and beyond, and Sony has high expectations for its line of consoles. Generally, a console has a life cycle of a decade and its successor starts about half or two thirds of that cycle.

Sony seems to be in a hurry, however, and with the way things are moving today with technology, the PS10 will be something we can't even imagine. The future of games lies in the cloud, 5G and 6G, involves mobility and portability, but also VR and AR, I think. A talented headset can be a PS7 or PS8 for over a decade or two.

As always, I hope your comments speculate about future consoles …

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