PHOTO. The girl from the Bay of Aram, along with the new family


The 8-year-old girl who was taken by police at her home, where she was raised by a breastfeeding mother in Baia de Arama, came to her adoptive family and recovered from the shock that has passed, reports PS News, came into possession of several pictures that portray Sorina with her adopted mother.

"The child is very good, returned, ate, unwrapped his gifts and is playing with his brother. On the way, the adoptive mother and the mother discussed and made a pact, agreed that they would be good friends, with the condition that the adoptive mother let her do whatever she wanted when she was great, "PS News reported. family.

The girl in Baia de Aram was adopted by a Romanian family in America after no family in the country wanted to adopt her, according to authorities. And the former foster mother twice said she does not want adoption, according to VeDemJust. On the other hand, the family created by the girl so far says she has been denied adoption.

Sorina was taken today in the masks of her home where she grew up. She refused to leave the nurse and cried. She was taken out of the house and taken to the car by a prosecutor, while the little girl shouted that she did not want to leave. Prosecutor General Bogdan Licu ordered Friday checks at the Public Prosecutor's Office attached to the Craiova Court of Appeals on how a prosecutor of that structure intervened in the case of the girl in Mehedinti and conducted the house search.

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