PC Garage "Equip it for free": SSD 240GB Gift


PC Garage launches a new "Get You Free" campaign, from the desire to give PC users the level of performance they want.

Modern computing services and complex applications often require high-performance computing systems with high work rates. Traditionally, a powerful processor and a plausible video card, plus sufficient RAM, are the defining elements of such a configuration. This setting still applies, but requires some additions to get the ideal experience you want.

The speed of response, the speed at which information and overall behavior are accessed are strongly influenced by the performance of the storage drive on which the operating system is hosted. Nowadays, modern operating systems, complex applications, and even faster Internet connections require the use of an SSD to achieve the expected results. And in the future, the importance of SSD will increase, especially in the gaming world, where new or new news such as Ray-Tracing is expected to deliver a realistic experience.

The importance of SSD is therefore increasing, with a stronger impact on the end user experience. However, there are few cases where choosing a powerful processor and a powerful video card, or a motherboard with more features, fully covers the allocated budget. In such situations, the behavior of the entire system may sometimes be below user expectations, despite the available computing power.

Understanding this, PC Garage decided to relaunch the "We get you free" campaign. In it, for any command that includes processor, motherboard and video card, the user will receive a 240GB Patriot Burst SSD on the 2.5 "SATA III interface, regardless of the chosen standards.

The Patriot Burst SSD is designed to optimize the performance of a computer system. It responds quickly to data transfer, system startup and shutdown, loading of games and programs, or copying media files. Thanks to the up to 555MB / s working speed for 500MB / s read and write, it is the ideal choice for operating system installation, while the 240GB storage capacity offers enough space to host the desired applications. As a result, the model represents the right solution to achieve general behavior at the level of expectations, regardless of the field of activity.

The "Let's Get It Free" Campaign will take place on the Garage PC website April 1 – 21, 2019 and will be directed to all users who purchase a processor, motherboard, and video card from Procesors, Motherboards, Video Cards with a cumulative value of at least 1500 Lei. To benefit from the gift service and quality, PC Garage customers simply need to add the products to the campaign and place the order. And to help make the best decisions, they can access the site's chat box to discuss with one of the available technical experts.


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