Patient Gigi Becali! »The incredible situation of Romanian football


From a coach, Becali has become a symbol of stability in Romanian football! The Dica situation recommends Gigi as patron with great patience. After moving Costel Enache from Botosani to Astra, three coaches remained the longest in the competition: Hagi, Mangia and Dica.

The case of Gica is special, since he is also the owner of the club, so there is no one to remove him from the position of "principal." Mangia and Dica were employed during the same period before the 2017-2018 season. On top of the technicians who resisted, Stoican is next, recruited by Poli Iasi last summer, but shortly after the jobs of Nicholas and Devis. Flavius ​​arrived in Moldova in June 2017, when Poli's leadership "massacred" Florin Prunea and Eugen Neagoe, the staff who had run the team the previous season.

The patience with which Becali deals with Tip is remarkable, and because he is the only old coach who has not won anything. Hagi took a title on the bank of Futuro, Mangia won the Romanian Cup with Craiova. Nicholas finished his first season in FCSB second, and now he is still in second place, although the club consumes more money in the competition and is the favorite year after year to become a champion.


Neither place 1 will save you more!

Becali has become an exception in the league, FCSB are among the few clubs that do not quickly eliminate coaches. CFR Cluj He started the league with Edward Iordanescu, who scored just one round of League 1 before being transferred to Antonio Conceição. Portuguese is first with the cherries, and is still at great risk of being looted!

The employer Nelu Varga hopes to convince you Dan Petrescu to come back. Petrescu is about to terminate his contract with Guizhou, the Chinese team with which he has downgraded, although the contract is still valid for another year, and for the second league. Varga tried on Shoudicka before calling Petrescu. "I can not leave Saudi Arabia now, although I have discussed with the CFR's patron," admitted Shumi, captured in Al Shabab.

"I see how I work"

Tip is convinced he deserved to keep his post, despite the disappointing results, only second place in the league and the qualification lost in the Europa League. "The boss keeps me because he knows how much he works, he knows everything I do on the team. I have also contributed to the development of the players since I arrived. The man played a match a year before working with me, then scored ten goals in a year. Coman also grew in the future, "Dica commented in DigiSport.


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