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Orange Announces a Public Cloud Solution

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Orange Announces a Public Cloud Solution

Orange, the local telecommunications market leader, has launched Flexible Engine, Orange Business Services' public cloud service, through which customers can optimize, transform and develop business applications. "Flexible Engine is a public cloud platform that provides infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) services. Customers pay only for the resources they use, and the costs are predictable. The platform automatically allocates storage and processing resources when needed and adapts immediately to complexity of business applications, ”according to the company.

“We have been talking about digital transformation for a long time, and today we can say that we are in a second phase of this transformation, where data has really become essential. Flexible Engine lets you manage this data and generate forecasts through a service that helps companies grow their business and optimize their resources, "said Florin Popa, business director for business at Orange Romania.

Orange also announced a pilot project alongside startup Agricloud, recently inserted into the Orange Fab acceleration program, through which the Flexible Engine public cloud platform will be used to analyze data collected using sensors, accurately indicating the right time for irrigation. , treatment or harvesting of different areas of vineyards in Romania.

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