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FC Dynamo Bucharest announces through the club's official website, www.fcdinamo.ro, the conclusion of contractual relations with the left English defender Jordan Mustoe.

Transferring two months ago to the Stefan Cel Mare team, Jordan Mustoe played three games for Dynamo in Liga 1 Betano and met 184 minutes in the red and white shirt "is the launch of Dinamo's website.

Mustoe Imperson Denies Termination

jordan mustoe print
Laurette Nogo and Jordan Mustoe

Laurette Nogo, Jordan Mustoe's coach, told GSP LIVE that Stefan cel Mare's band could not terminate their player's contract because he did not want to sign.

"The club told the player to come this morning with the equipment of the car and club to teach them.It was a bit more force.There was a fight. Earlier, we were told that Jordan Mustoe would have rescinded his contract, but as far as I know, it can not happen if the player does not sign. Jordan did not sign anything.

This morning, I told Jordan to go to the training course, that I had no official act of being free of contract. He appeared in training, but Mr. Rednic announced that he had rescinded his contract and that he let him use the force room, but do not show up tomorrow.

Now I'm on my way to Bucharest. I'll talk to them tomorrow morning. We were told that Jordan wanted to finish by phone, but only after it was posted everywhere in the media. I think I lack respect.

The condition of the player for the termination was the payment of a sum of money, but those at Dinamo closed any connection with me when they heard of it. They called Jordan alone at the office to sign the papers, but he declined and said he did not show up without an agent. Sounds like a joke to me! "Nogo told GSP LIVE.

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