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No one seems to want the monster cell phone with a 18,000 mAh battery

Energizer made waves at Mobile World Congress this year thanks to the largest mobile smartphone on the market. To produce it, Energizer went to Indiegogo to raise money, but to no avail.

The 18,000 mAh phone called Energizer Max P18K Pop was one of the main stars of the Barcelona Telecommunications Fair. Avenir Telecom, the company that operates Energizer-branded phones, plans to start producing large-scale phones this summer.

To achieve this, the company resorted to the crowdfunding platform of Indiegogo to raise the money needed to start production. The company requested funding of $ 1.2 million. He collected only $ 15,005.

The "early" price for the Energizer Max P18K Pop is $ 549. The campaign failed, but we'll see if this campaign really was legitimate or if it was just a marketing marathon. Technology companies use crowdfunding platforms to draw attention to a product.

What does a 18,000 mAh battery mean in a phone?

Energizer's 18,000 mAh battery can be used to talk for 90 hours continuously, listen to 100 hours of music and watch two uninterrupted videos on videos. If you look through a drawer, the battery keeps it in standby mode for up to 50 days

It is quite possible that the Avenir does not believe that it will happen in the prototype stage and wanted to see if the public wants such product. Well, based on this campaign, it looks like no one wants a phone so thick it does not fit in your pocket.

Avenir probably thought of creating a product that attracted the attention of people and only then see if the public really wants such a product.

Yes, the Energizer Max P18K Pop is a curiosity, it is something you have not seen before, but when you really have to give hundreds of dollars on a phone, people prefer other products, the enthusiasm for P18K is not so great.

Now we know that there are limits to the desire for a great phone with battery. It remains to be seen whether Avenir Telecom will start, even so, the mass production of the phone will wait for funding elsewhere.

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