New scientific discovery may revolutionize cancer treatment


Scientists have identified an essential protein in the survival of some types of cancer. Thus, withdrawal of the WRN protein could represent a new opportunity to treat a subgroup of cancer patients with MSI-H type tumors, and refers to microsatellite instability, a condition that appears in cellular DNA, writes

The fight against these cancerous tumors is made more recent by immunotherapy, and positive results are seen in patients with MSI-H cancer, although resistance to treatment sometimes occurs.

"Our therapy is based on exploring the biological systems that cancer cells (rather than the healthy ones) have," said Simon Wöhrle, author of the study at the Boehringer Ingelheim Regional Center Vienna.

According to him, the survival of MSI-H cancer cells must be deciphered before new treatments develop.

In this regard, the researchers showed that the removal of WRN protein function from MSI-H cells stopped its proper functioning, leading to defects in cell division.

"In particular, we have seen that MSI-H cancer cells without WRN showed chromosomal disruption and genomic instability, revealing that WRN is a vulnerability of MSI-H cells," said Mark Petronczki, director of Cancer Cell Signaling at Boehringer Ingelheim RCV.

In addition, loss of WRN protein is a known cause of Werner's syndrome, a disease that causes premature aging associated with an increased risk of developing tumors.

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