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Motorola One, a simple smartphone at the right price [TECH REVIEW]

Being a big phone fan, we underestimated the Moto One (150 mm long) at the beginning. Not too heavy, it weighs 162g and any corner of the screen is handy to use with one hand.

display Max Vision of 5.9 inches has HD + resolution (720 x 1520p) 287 ppi, report 19: 9 and is well in the sun.

The Motorola One is dual SIM and has a separate Micro SD card slot (up to 256 GB) and comes in two colors: black and white. specifications: Snapdragon 625, Adreno 506 graphics card, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. All this "unsealed" with Android 8.1 on Android One. connectivity is ensured by wireless dual band 802.11 a / b / g / n, Bluetooth 5.0, positioning (A-GPS, GLONASS, BDS, GALILEO), FM radio, USB C-Type 2.0. Keep the plug on the top of the device, which is an advantage.

menu is simple, fast and friendly. What does the program mean for Moto One? Android One: 3 years of security updates and two more versions of Android than pre-loaded. A big boost in this, most budget phones get updates only during the warranty period and rarely two more versions of Android.

camera The dual core has 13MP PDAF (f2.0) + 2MP (f2.4), LED flash with Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) technology. It shoots 4 K at 30fps, FHD at 30fps, FHD at 60fps and HD at 30fps.

The fingerprint sensor centrally located, accessible, works perfectly. Most of the time I used the voice unlock, which I set up in the beginning, "Ok Google" and that's it.

In the light of day, the photos are colorful, crisp and attractive. The color temperature is ringing in some places, but overall it's good. We did some cool photos in Bratislava and Devlin Castle. View from above, with part of the castle and the Danube. See more photos in the gallery in the opening photo.

At the entrance to the castle I came across a "friend, "a viper, who quickly became invisible in the grass.

The secondary room has 8 MP – f2.2, flash and filming FHD at 30fps. Motorola provided us with the models for camera testing and commissioned them. Here's what's out. Selfie with the Motorola One.

Night or light photos suffer with details, quality. Of course it could be better, but definitely a Motorola One buyer is not thinking about night shots.

Motorola One users have unlimited storage in Google Photos. For those who photograph and record a lot, great.

drums in The Moto One is 3000 mAh and takes about 4 hours of active screen (100% brightness) and about 5 in the car, but it loads fast, very fast. The same Turbo Power charger (15 watts) as Motorola Z3 Play and Motorola G6. The manufacturer promises a cost of 15 minutes to 60% of battery or 8 hours of autonomy in just 20 minutes of charging. It is faster than some major devices in the charging chapter.

The sound on the Moto One is provided by a single speaker on the bottom and two microphones. Not great, but it does its job.


Motorola One is not a smartphone suitable for games, not even close. The test results are edifying. In Antutu he scored 81401 points and in 3DMark 483 points. Of course you can run some small games without complex graphics, but that's all.

In the 2.4 GHz wireless test, you obtained:

download 51.5 Mbps, 46.6 mbps upload

download 51.6 Mbps, upload 47.5 mbps

download 49.2 Mbps, 47.4 mbps upload

In the 4G (LTE) network test, it obtained:

download 63.7 Mbps, upload 50.0 mbps

download 66.0 Mbps, upload 49.2 mbps

download 65.9 Mbps, upload 40.9 mbps.

in Cashier are the phone, the charger, a transparent pouch, the key and the manuals. By the way, as good as Moto One, it's so ugly that he has it. But without the bag you run the risk of scratching it or breaking it.

The Motorola One is an economical smartphone with no pretensions and fireworks. Its strengths are: friendly design, fast loading, high storage, enough RAM, operating system and the price of about 270 euros.

Top of Bratislava, view from UFO restaurant. Photo Adrian Pogîngeanu

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