Wednesday , April 14 2021

Mircea Lucescu is the VEHICLE ANSWERED. "Where did he present himself? In the countries of the society, he was part of the Cooperative"

Sorin Răducanu, a former football player and FRF presidential candidate, said that Mircea Lucescu was part of the famous Romanian Football Cooperative. Răducanu believes that "Il Luce" did not have great results of soccer and made pefromancia in corrupt countries.

"He is a great coach, but he was part of the Cooperative, unless he was one of the initiators!" He could not beat Steaua and did some things with Jean Padureanu. Let's see where most of the cantons were when they were nationals? In Bistrita. He is a great trainer. But where was the performance beyond a year-long spark in Italy? He climbed Brescia and fell immediately. Where did he introduce himself? In Romania, a corrupt country and in Ukraine, a corrupt country. Turkey is not well now. See what Ergodan does. He did well to Lucescu in early Turkey when he had that generation, "Răducanu told GSP Live.

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