Mihaela Rădulescu, the first statements about the marriage with Felix


"I think we were lucky too – we were both free at the time, we did not hurt anyone, no one got caught in. There is no discussion about marriage, I do not see why I would do more My son and Felix get along, they play sports together, but Ayan also has a wonderful father that no one can replace ", said Mihaela Radulescu, according to VIVA!

Andreea Marin was ironic to Mihaela Rădulescu, considered by many to be her rival. On Saturday, March 30, 2019, the iUmor show from Antena 1, Andreea Marin was the protagonist of a series of baked goods.

"I have two dogs, two cute cats, a multicolored bird and a squirrel." I do not even have a farm, I have not gotten that far, it's just a dream at the moment.No whisper can touch him by his hand.But retiring in some place where I have my farm, when there is nothing else to do, I think it is a very good variant, "said Andreea Marin, referring to the appearance of Mihaela Rădulescu at the Farm show. "Do not look for me, I will not get a phone call for me, because only the problem brings you this technology, especially when you're listening," she said the old fairy of surprises.

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