Tuesday , October 26 2021

Microsoft has announced the new Xbox console. What also promises when the rival PlayStation 5 is released


Microsoft's new system will use a specially engineered AMD version of the Zen 2 processor with GDDR 6 memory and enough graphics power and graphics power to deliver 8K and 120-second real-time beam tracing images.

Charging times will be reduced by using SSD storage, which can also serve as a virtual memory.

There are a lot of promises, and Microsoft said Project Scarlett is four times stronger than Xbox One X, the current leader in the console market in this chapter. In addition, the new system must have a storage 40 times faster than the current generation consoles.

The American giant also announced the release date: Christmas 2020 as well as the first game to appear with the new Halo Infinite system. The Halo series has almost every release of a new Xbox console, and the company wants to keep that tradition to the new system as well.

In addition to the new console, Microsoft has also announced a new version of its Elite Controller Series, with even more customization options for gamers.

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