Messages from multiple users were broken by hackers


Microsoft has confirmed that some of its email services have been hacked and some of its users have been exposed to the attack. Microsoft operates email services, including Outlook, MSN, and Hotmail.

The tech giant said the attack affected a "limited" number of accounts, but confirmed that about 6% of the accounts were made available to the attackers, the Press Association reported.

According to an e-mail published online and sent to the most affected users, the identifying information from a Microsoft support agent was compromised, which would have allowed unauthorized access to certain account-related information.

For most, this information included email addresses, folder names, email topics, and the names of other e-mail users reported between January and March, but not the content of e-mail or attachments.

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Addressing the incident, Microsoft has confirmed that a small group of users have been notified that bad intentions may have gained unauthorized access to the more detailed content of their mailings. The company said it provides additional guidance and support for these users.

"We dealt with this scheme, which affected a limited subset of customer accounts, disabling compromised identity information and blocking access to criminals," a Microsoft spokesman said.

The company did not confirm the total number of accounts affected.

Company representatives warned in the email sent to users that after this incident they could receive more spam and phishing and warn them not to access links from unknown email addresses.

The company added that although password information is not affected, users should change their login details.

The technology giant also said it has increased monitoring of affected accounts.

The incident comes shortly after a set containing about 770 million email addresses and millions of passwords loaded into a cloud service in January was spilled into the online environment after a violent data breach. .

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