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Marius Moga, totally conquered by his daughter and Bianca Lapuste: "I'm surprised"

The artist is shocked by her daughter's only 3 and a half years, Maria Elisabeta, whom she characterizes as deeply profound for her age. "I think her depth surprises me … Like three years she tells us things I did not expect to hear so early, from defining feelings to inventing stories and songs. It surprises me that I do not escape without giving her arguments and that she Do the same when you ask us for something.

Talking about crazy things, she likes to create her playground, and if we're not on stage for 15 minutes, we watch as each kitchen object disappears and moves to her new home in the middle of the living room, "explained the happy dad laughing, for the magazine Viva.

Regarding the girl's future, Marius does not exclude that Maria wants to become an artist, but she has some advice that she would like to offer her before taking this step. Dad has already prepared his "speech" from now on, not to be taken aback if his little girl wants to follow in his footsteps.

"I would say that for an artist, a success is not a career. For a career, it will take a lot of effort and there will probably be disappointments that I will not be able to protect, but any personal satisfaction brings you satisfaction and a boost of confidence and the fact that you have changed something in the lives of others through your creation can heal your disappointments. "Success happens when talent and training find the opportunity," added Marius Moga, from the source mentioned above.

At the moment, however, the two parents do not force the little one in either direction, but expect to find their own way. "She's singing, but she's just an ordinary singing child.We do not take on the role of a jury or maestro.Goes to kindergarten for two years, goes horse riding in the summer when it's hot.He likes to swim "Marius recently told us about Click!, adding that he still wants to have children in the future, but later.

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