MANCHESTER CITY – TOTTENHAM 4-3 // VIDEO + PHOTO VAR crucial! Two moments that City decided


Ion Crăciunescu he analyzed the two moments when Cakir needed help VAR. Both were judged in favor of Tottenham, a team that qualified in the semi-finals of the league because of goals scored in the away game.

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1. The VALIDED goal of 4-3

Llorente took the lead 73 minutes into the game by scoring an impressive pass from the left. After consulting the VAR, Cakir validated the success.

"It's valid for Llorente The ball hits more on the hip and the hand is in a regular position It's an involuntary chicken, you have nothing to say Colo de Llorente is glued"
Ion Crăciunescu on TV Digi Sport

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Aguero was in an offside position after 90 minutes when he received a ball from an opponent. But before reaching the ball, the ball was diverted by a teammate. Cakir closed the gap after consulting the VAR.

"The player's position is taken into account when the ball is deflected The ball is played by a team-mate and in regulation it is very clear If the player who reaches the ball is prevented when the teammate reaches the ball, the off position is activated.The decision is correct "
Ion Crăciunescu on TV Digi Sport

* Kun Aguero was barred when Silva diverted the ball back from Eriksen


Champions League semifinals resolved! When all four matches are played

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