Saturday , October 23 2021

Kovesi is not completely removed from the presidential race. There is a scripture and Ion Cristoiu discovered. Breaking news


Ion Cristoiu is of the opinion that if the NLP and Ludovic Orban did not evaluate the chances of the motion of wanting to overthrow the Dăncilă government, it would be better not to introduce him, he told RealitateaTV.

"Ludovic Orban follows the strategy of overthrowing the government first and then giving the president the ability to name whom he wants … If the government falls, Orban is probably betting on a typical Romanian steak, which the PSD no longer vote against a proposal from the President. The problem is if the motion is not approved, because in this situation it would be a disaster, but I do not think they would present it if there was no conviction, behind the scenes, that this would happen, "Cristoiu said.

The journalist "built" a surprising scenario with the premier Pro Romania, nominated by Klaus Iohannis in the fall of the Dăncilă government.

"The president could put the head of government and someone from Pro Romania, Sorin Campeanu, for example, not Mihai Tudose, who is very dangerous." The nightmares would have faced the option of permanently resigning the roast or going to Ponta camp In this context, with this government, Klaus Iohannis can present himself in the presidential campaign and something concrete, is what we have done since we took power, because in a few months they will not be compromised.

Ion Cristoiu believes the PSD has no chance in the presidential race and the fight will be between Klaus Iohannis and USR PLUS representative, probably Dan Barna.

"I think Barna will run for the presidency, Dacian Cioloş went to the European Parliament and is probably targeting the European Commissioner." Several USRs told me that Laura Codruta Kovesi would be a supportive solution if household surveys did not give them many chances, Barna and Ciolos … Barna and Kovesi have the advantage of not having to prove anything, they have a speculative political capital, that is, what could they do? "Cristoiu said.

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