Justin Bieber, surprised to hit his wife in public. PHOTO GALLERY



Justin Bieber was photographed while beating his wife<! – Justin Bieber was photographed while beating his wife ->

Singer Justin Bieber was surprised Sunday in Los Angeles, while beating his wife Hailey "in jest". Pictures appear a week after announcing that he is taking a break from the song and that he wants to "dedicate his marriage."

In the same message, Bieber stated that "he loved her with all his heart and loved Selena Gomez," his ex-girlfriend, but he is "in love with his wife."

In the photos, the two appear playing in an avenue in Los Angeles while they take ice cream, inform The Sun. At one point, it beats his wife in his face and pushes it, but everything seems to be done in a joke.
Just a week ago, Justin Bieber told fans that he was going through a difficult time.

"I read a lot of messages that tell me that you want a new album, I tortured all my youth, I realized that you also saw that I was unhappy during the last tour and I did not deserve it. I'm trying to understand what happened and now I'm trying to fix some of the problems that most of us face.I do not want to give up, I want to support my mother and become the father that I want to become"He told the fans.

"I love Selena, but I'm in love with my wife"

In the same message, he specified that his ex-girlfriend "still plays a special role in his life."

"I love Selena and I will always have a special place in my soul, but I'm in love with my wife.It's the best thing that ever happened to me.This response is for all the immature people who send messages to Hailey like," She'll be back Selena "or" Selena is better for me. "You have no idea what's good for me.Hailey is my fiancée.If you do not like it, you do not support me."

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