iUmor, season 6, April 20 edition. Two In vain, the first animated characters


Premier for iUmor, I have not seen it before, I have not heard it before! Two totally different and unusual performances upset their judges, even the presenters. "You're the first, I've never had such a thing before on IUmor!"Serban Copot exclaims behind the scenes: they are called two in vain and they are two animated characters!

Two In vain are the competitors that surprised the jurors with their appearance. I'm not in the flesh on the stage, but they're cartoon characters. They came up with an unprecedented roasting moment, taking "heavy words" to the three at the table.

The "two in vain" are called Innocentu and Orlando and already know the taste of success online. Their YouTube channel already has more than one million subscribers, which they conquered with tasty stories of the days of their students in Romanian homes.

"I really appreciate people who insist on making cartoons, because it's a great job that requires lost nights, I got in touch with that subject!", says Cheloo.

Competitors receiving at least two "Thumbs Up" will be voted on by viewers with help iUmor free app, created especially by Antena 1, the voting begins during the respective edition and ends the following day at 16:00. The winner of each edition will be announced on Monday at the 16.00 Observatory and will qualify directly in the final!

In addition, every week, each iUmor show will be accompanied by a special edition, distributed exclusively on AntenaPlay.ro, where subscribers can see everything that goes on behind the scenes and have unlimited and uncensored access to full numbers on the site. the sixth season and moments that were not seen on television.

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