Iulia Albu praises Andreea Balan after criticizing her several times


Andreea Balan participated in the 2019 Elle New Media Awards Gala, an event where the star chose to wear a white dress, which she showed very well and liked fashion critics. The use of Andreea Balan was tempting. Iulia Albu wrote her opinion about the artist's appearance on her blog.

"It's unbelievable, but I find Andreea Balan appearing and perfectly framed in the theme of the event. We do not go into details of footwear because it is conveniently not seen, and we just summarize a note with an honorable …" Wow, "wrote Iulia Albu on his personal blog.

Andreea Balan, an emotional message for her big daughter

Andreea Balan posted a message on social networks expressing regret over time as her children grow older. Although the artist was on the verge of death, he now enjoys all that life and time offer to his loved ones.

Andreea Balan posted a photo on the social networks where she appeared with her big daughter. Andreea Balan returned to the stage and was able to go through all the difficult moments that passed after bringing her second girl to the world.

The picture of the artist shows how much he loves his children because he regrets that time is passing so fast.

"It's too early and we see it in our growing children," Andreea Balan wrote on Facebook.


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