It ended up in smoke in closed public spaces. President Klaus Iohannis PROMOTES the law that goes into effect until mid-March


The President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, signed on Friday, January 29, the decree promulgating the Law on the reform and conclusion of Law no. 349/2002 to prevent and combat the effects of tobacco product consumption, according to a press release from the Presidential Administration.

The House of Representatives voted on the ban on smoking in all public places on Tuesday closed by 164 votes in favor and 20 against. The law will enter into force 45 days after its publication in the Official Gazette, following its promulgation by President Klaus Iohannis. Under the new provisions, smoking will be totally banned, among other things, from clubs, bars, restaurants, taxis, educational institutions, hospitals, as well as playgrounds, whether they are outdoors or indoors.

The legislative proposal, which dates back to 2011, was amended by several amendments on 16 November, initiated by PSD deputy Aurelia Cristea. More importantly, it refers to the definition of enclosed public spaces, which basically leads to a ban on smoking in almost all of these places.

In particular, the new wording "closed public space" means any publicly accessible space or intended for collective use, regardless of ownership or right of access, which has a ceiling, ceiling or ceiling and which is delimited by at least two walls, regardless of the their nature or temporary or permanent nature. "Basically, the ban covers all clubs, bars and restaurants.

In addition, the anti-smoking law prohibits smoking in workplaces and in any playground for children, be it an enclosed or open space.

The ban also applies to means of public transportation, including taxis, sanitary facilities and educational facilities, as well as those for protection and assistance to the child, state and private.

Exceptions are cells for prisoners in high security prisons.

According to the bill adopted by the Chamber of Deputies, smoking is only allowed in specially organized rooms, exclusively in the transit area of ‚Äč‚Äčinternational airports, subject to the following conditions: not be passage or access to closed public spaces, be equipped with Functional ventilation systems to ensure the elimination of negative pressure tobacco smoke are equipped with ashtrays and fire extinguishers and are arranged in accordance with the legal provisions in force on fire prevention and extinguishing and marked in a visible place with signs: Smoking , Smoke.

The law prohibits and sells tobacco products in public and private health and education establishments, as well as the sale of cigarettes and cigarettes.

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