Tuesday , October 26 2021

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IPhone Battery Capacity XR 2019

iPhone XR 2019. The new model of smartphone from Apple is about to be released with a battery of greater capacity compared to what was offered in the model put up for sale last year. Specifically, according to some information coming from China today, the iPhone XR 2019 would have a battery of 3110 mAh, 5% higher than the 2942 mAh that Apple implemented in the model released last fall for its customers. .

iPhone XR 2019. A 5% increase in the phone's battery capacity is one step ahead of Apple, which typically does not greatly increase the battery power to store power. They combine the increase in battery capacity with superior power efficiency for the processors included in them, so the iPhone XR 2019 could have an interesting performance increase compared to the series sold now.

iPhone XR 2019. Apple's Largest Battery Powered by Apple

iPhone XR 2019. A new processor will be included in the A13 chip that Apple will launch with the series of phones, and its energy efficiency will be higher than that offered by the A12 chip. It's not clear how big the differences will be, but any increase will put the iPhone XR 2019 in a position of superiority over last year's model, and customers will have more to gain from those changes. prepared by Apple.

The new batteries will have a capacity of 3110mAh, which represents an improvement of more than 5% compared to the 2942mAh of the iPhone XR. In fact, it has the highest capacity among all iPhones running on a single battery cell.

iPhone XR 2019. The new battery for the phone has not yet entered the production process with Apple's partners, and there is nothing to happen until mid-summer. Production for the iPhone XR 2019 is slated to begin in August, but components are expected to go live in July, and soon will be assembled on phones to be sold globally in September.

iPhone XR 2019. The presentation for the new phone will take place in September, as well as the launch, so we'll see when Apple announces the new model and whether it will be more expensive than the previous one.

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