Tuesday , October 26 2021

iPhone 11 Max, iPhone XR 2019, NEW PHOTOS Confirm GREAT CHANGE


iPhone X 11 XR 2019 Max Design

iPhone 11 Max, iPhone XR 2019 confirmed today the biggest change in 2019 through a series of images published by a well-known publisher of information on products not yet explored by Apple. The iPhone 11 Max will have a 6.5 inch diagonal screen in 2019 as well as last year's model while the iPhone XR 2019 will have a 6.1 inch diagonal screen as well as the iPhone XR, although there were rumors saying how the iPhone 11 will have a similar screen.

So far, no reliable information has been released confirming that the iPhone 11 will have such a big screen, so the iPhone XR 2019 remains the only one that we can believe will still offer such a great screen. For the iPhone XR 2019, we confirmed today that it will have a square camera, although only two image sensors are found inside the camera, an upgrade compared to the iPhone XR.

iPhone 11 Max, iPhone XR 2019, NEW PHOTOS Confirm GREAT CHANGEiPhone 11 design max iPhone XR 2019 packaging

The iPhone 11 Max will have exactly the same design change, Apple is also implementing a square-sized camera, but it will have three image sensors, compared to the two XS Max. For the iPhone 11, Max Apple will use one design similar to the iPhone XR 2019 or iPhone 11, so the phones will be very difficult to distinguish from those who do not know Apple designs very well.

iPhone 11 design maximum iPhone XR 2019 1

In 2019, Apple is surprised by this design change for the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR 2019 series, most fans are disappointed with the appearance of the handsets ready for launch. Even so, Apple is unlikely to make subtle changes to their phones, so everything you see now on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max or iPhone XR 2019 will remain the same at launch.

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