iOS 13 – news for the Apple iOS 13


In early June, when Apple hosts the WWDC conference, the company will announce several important updates to its operating systems and applications.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will have one of the busiest annual conferences dedicated to developers in recent years, with many software updates, some of which bring important changes.

Many of Apple's applications will receive a new design and a host of enhancements. These include Health Health, Reminders and Maps Manager, an application that Apple wants to turn into a real competitor of Google Maps.

IOS, the operating system for iPhone and iPad, will be dark this year, which can be activated to save energy and increase the autonomy of devices with OLED screens.

The European Union will open an investigation against Apple READ The European Union will open an investigation against Apple

WatchOS, the smart clock operating system, will have its own application store this year, which means users can install applications on their watches without calling the phone.

This year, Apple will release the first iPad applications that can be installed on the Mac.

IPad tablets seem to have a new design for the main screen and will receive some improvements for multitasking.

The WWDC 2019 will debut on June 3, and the official release of these updates is expected in the autumn with the launch of the new iPhone.

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