Monday , October 25 2021

Ioana Ginghin: Terrible news about the actress after taking pills with the fist, before the divorce


Ioana Ginghina and Alexandru Papadopol ending a marriage that lasted 12 years. The two together have a little girl, Ruxandra (10 years old).

Even if the two actors divorce just now, problems in marriage take some time. Ioana Ginghina said your personal blog the terrible moments that he spent before deciding that he had to point the marriage to Alexander Papadopol.

Under the title "Yes, I need help"Ioana Ginghinna wrote that she took the pills with her fist and went to the psychologist.

"It took me a long time to accept this, that yes, I need help, that the trials of my life are already too heavy for me and I decided to cry.

Since when? Even on my birthday, last September, I paid a visit to a psychologist …

Why exactly?

The sleep worsened, and I began to take the recommended pills with each other, but they did not work.

I was sleeping relatively quickly, but I woke up after two or three hours, and I woke up and lied, full of thoughts and scenarios that I had, and then I followed the knot in my stomach that would not let me eat and sleep again.

And that's what happened every night.

Friends have come and helped me, but they have their own problems where you think they are subjective, they all sort of think about what you could do to "save" certain situations, not to the fact that I fail, that it hurts and theatrical more than in series, to show my son, but also to society that everything will be fine, it's okay with me.

But it is not easy especially when you are 24 in 24 with a soul that is desperately clinging to you, that all that is stable at this moment is you, mother, then you have to show her that life is advancing, that happiness comes of small things, we are glad that we are healthy and that we have everything we need, classic texts that I could say, but that can be taken as a reference in certain situations.

And yes, she, Ruxi, this 10 year old girl is a miracle that helps me a lot to be by my side and not let me collapse.

She does it unconsciously, because she does not know exactly what is in my soul, but it is precisely this naivety and her multitude of desires that gives me such hope.

I will finish here because I still do not have the courage to say more, but I thought to say that it is okay to ask for specialized help, if there is one.
We are not always so strong that we can solve our own problems".

Ioana Ginghina and Alexandru Papadopol I have not lived together for a few months.

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