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Thorough precautions are taken throughout the hospital, including the hospital area and the Emergency Care Unit.

A 1 outbreak of influenza A 1 at the level of Urgency County Hospital (SJU) in Bacau – the Pediatric Recovery Section with 7 cases, four in the 0-1 year age group and three in the 1 year age group was confirmed. Four other cases were confirmed by tests sent to the Cantacuzino Institute in the Section of Infectious Diseases.

The onset of the disease in children was suddenly fever 39-40 degrees C, rhinorrhea and cough, so specific measures were immediately adopted: the isolation of children in the Department of Infectious Diseases of Children, clinical-epidemiological surveillance of the contacts for a period of 10 days after isolation of the last case, the collection of nasal and pharyngeal exudates for the influenza virus in 3 cases, confirmed on January 28, the cessation of hospitalizations in the Section of Pediatric Recovery for a period of 10 days after the last isolated case and antiviral prophylaxis to get in touch (started on January 23 for staff and 12 in contact with children in that department).

"The evolution of children's health was favorable, three of them had medium forms, two mild forms and two other more severe forms. At this time, four of the patients were reinstated in the Department of Pediatric Rehabilitation with a good general condition, practically cured, and now we have only three cases in infectious diseases out of seven, "explained Dr. Iulian Pavel, medical director of Infectious Infectious Diseases. All of them were treated with antivirals and antibiotics. The flu was suspected a week ago, which is why samples were taken, which were sent to the Regional Health Center of Iaşi in the program "Santinelă", established by the Ministry of Health, and confirmation came Monday afternoon.

On the other hand, in adult patients, confirmation of influenza came yesterday morning from the Cantacuzino Institute, where the trials were sent to three patients from the Section of Infectious Diseases and one from the Section of Surgery. "Two of these patients were mild and had already been excommunicated, one patient also had a complication, one bronchopneumonia, were three days in intensive care, but now he is in a favorable global condition with attenuated symptomatology and the fourth case is still in the hospital. patients received antiviral treatment from the hospital pharmacy, "said Dr. Adina Lupu, a primary infectious physician, the Adult section.

Preventive measures

In addition, at the beginning of the month, in the context of increasing respiratory diseases, both nationally and locally, preventive measures were implemented in all hospitals, including Bacau, aimed at limiting access to visitors and even banning, especially in areas (Medical and Surgical Block, Intensive Care Unit), shortening the duration and number of visitors to these visits, prohibiting the access of visitors to hospitals with respiratory symptoms, avoiding overcrowding of the sections, observing the number of daily beds, daily epidemiological screening for all medical personnel, temporary removal from those with respiratory symptoms, epidemiological screening of patients on admission to avoid creating epidemiological risk situations, probably cleaning in all sections or compartments of the equipment protection in sufficient quantity with its complete use correct, according to existing protocols. Measures that were immediately implemented at the Bacau County Emergency Hospital, confirmed by the assistant. Geanina Pricopi, health director of the health unit.

"Unfortunately, we still have problems with those who do not understand the importance of these measures. There are still people who do not follow the schedule of hospital visits and the number of people who can enter the department during the visit, there are very large pressures to enter the sections We appeal to the population to understand that it is very important to respect all these decisions. "
Dr. Raluca-Ioana Dinu, Medical Director of SJU Bacău

It will complement the stock of flu shots

The Bacau Public Health Board is constantly monitoring this development of respiratory diseases and has requested supplementation of doses of influenza vaccine, so far more than 34,500 people at high risk of disease have received this vaccine. To not overload hospitals and emergency units, it is advisable to go to family doctors first.
At the national level, this season, 48 Romanians died of the flu. All the victims had one thing in common – they were not vaccinated against the flu. In total, there are more than 500 cases of influenza, according to statistics from the National Institute of Public Health.


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