Monday , April 19 2021

ilikeit. Which Samsung Samsung Galaxy F spec will be and when will it be released

In recent days, Samsung showed us a flexible phone for the first time. And when we say this, we mean that the screen is being folded, not just the case, as we've seen in other devices.

The news, however, is that the Galaxy F … could appear on the market in only half a year. We would be tempted to say to Barcelona, ​​but we also expect an S10, so … we look good. But we really need to talk about the Galaxy F! Because you're one step ahead. Of course, the unofficial price that will arrive in Europe, about 1,700 euros duty free, seems a little broken from another dimension. So we're trying to translate some of the cost and specification!

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There is a growing need for updating. An energetic push of the F5 key, until God's help, Apple and the rest return to logical and useful innovation. It is very possible that this step has already been done. Samsung is preparing to launch a flexible phone in less than half a year.

I do not even know where to start. The concept looks spectacular. You get a two-screen gadget, which is great. You have a small one on the outside of your shortcut device – a call, a message on whatsapp, a quick on-the-fly, and when you unzip it, a screen about 7 inches comes out from inside. This is how the Royole FlexiPai prototype works. Chinese, of course. With a name … nothing suitable for a device that does not look premium.

A, and the screen can not be fully folded, at least not to the prototype I saw! And so, FlexiPai can be pre-ordered for 1,400 euros.

The key, however, is Samsung. The science of producing OLED displays makes them ideal candidates for perfect flexible phone paternity. His concept was revealed, in San Francisco, in a carcass designed to hide its design. Name of internship? Samsung Galaxy F.

Repeat a shell. The large screen can be about 7 inches and can accommodate up to three applications in parallel. The second screen starts automatically when the phone is folded. Its diagonal does not look larger than 4 inches, which is only good to use with one hand. Note that the slides are dark. Which of course could be a marketing maneuver – you see, God, they hide your product just because they know it will revolutionize. Or … maybe that's it?

We count on success, even if the first generation does not fully meet expectations. Koreans estimate that they will deliver a million pieces in a first step. What … not bad at all! At what price? Well … we have a whole new technology. The flexible screen is easy to produce – hashtag OLED – but the material on the glass, the hinges plus a second screen cost … substantially.

Market rumors say we expect about $ 1,800, a thousand on Notes9 or S9 Plus. You know the translation in euros plus taxes, so probably the real limit … it's about 2,000! Release date of? In the next six months, probably. And … no, not in Barcelona, ​​where The Verge says we're going to get an S10 with 5G. But a little later. And without 5G!

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