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Drop the money because the bill is full! Based on this principle, all major technology companies seem to embrace the idea of ​​streaming subscription, whether we're talking about movies, serials, or music.

And now we are preparing for the next revolution: unnumbered games, based on a monthly subscription. And, most importantly, ready to switch from any device. In alphabetical order, Apple and Google.

In short, it's as George said in the introduction: Everyone wants to make money on leisure. And when we're not the target – as with Google or Facebook, which bombards us with ads – we need to monetize for giants like Apple, Netflix, or Amazon.

Now in general. Be careful: it all started with music. If Apple gave us a digital bookstore the size of a dollar, Spotify gives us, by 20 lei, monthly access to more than 30 million songs. So, with the CD's money, you can listen to music for ten lives without being bothered by commercials.

You do not like Spotify, you have Apple Music, Tidal or Google Play Music. Hold the file where your smile is. And the recipe works. Streaming already accounts for more than half of the music industry's money, while piracy is in increasingly distant waters. It is more convenient to play than just download. I say, I do not give my hair.

In the same principle, the consumption of films is going through a great change. Every month, you pay a decent subscription for hundreds of productions available on platforms like Netflix, HBO GO and Amazon Prime. 236 million Americans use their services! Two out of three, exactly. The tone was given by Netflix, who, in the fall of 1900, delivered DVDs to people's homes. Now … not bad to pay a ticket every month, two at the movies – no popcorn and juice! – for thousands of titles ready to appear on TV, tablet or phone.

The idea of ​​a business also seems to laugh at Apple, which also announced that it is playing with Apple TV Plus. And they did it … as I know best, with their rumors and the star-bearer package. We still do not know how much it will cost and what it offers, but the national team of stars has Oprah, Jennifer Aniston or Steven Spielberg.

By the way, the service you choose from all this? Well, the words of the poet, what the deer wants! All together costs about 400 lei per month if you are tempted!

And we have reached the climax! Although the land we're talking about is not yet seeded … Nvidia and Google have announced that for $ 15 to $ 20, you'll have access to hundreds of spectacular titles. You can play on any device, cell phone, tablet, old PC, sticky pump or TV.

The stage is called the platform and Google also made an interesting demonstration. In which Assassin's Creed Odyssey works like silk, full HD and at 60 frames per second. Is it logical to pay? Well, I have news: that's it.

A PC is not necessarily stratospheric, but how much to get a title like Assassin's Creed is about one thousand euros. Updates of Bash, a RAM, a disk, an olive and new games for 60 euros !!! For that money … you're signing up for Stadia … five years! Is it the same feeling? I have no idea!

Instead, get the news! Because in technology like tennis, Apple sent a slice into the opponent's field, now waiting for a diagonal, in silence. Arcades, the new LOR platform arrives this fall, with more than 100 awards and no commercials. Here, however, you must be part of the ecosystem. You mean you have an Apple product.

We follow the evolution of things. And we can only ask what will be the world of Playstation 5 if Stadija and Arcade take off?

By the way, today's lesson is about signing. That is what the future is about. It also applies to transportation. Monthly subscription to change from point A to point B. Overall, much cheaper, annually than losing a traditional value vehicle.

Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW offer or offer such services, because suddenly, premium cars are becoming more affordable. This is normal, especially since they will be completely autonomous. And we'll live to see it!

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