ilikeit. How much will the Tesla Model 3 cost in Europe? When deliveries begin


At I Like IT we talk about Internet and technology, but we focus on electric cars.

Tesla is believed to be the promoter of the new electric car industry. Electric motors have advanced technology, but they have some problems.

Those at Tesla have announced that they will lose thousands of people. This company has some debts to be paid. At the same time, information has emerged that at least 3,000 cars that were launched at the end of 2018 were not sold as they should. These cars are not very cheap.

What is their plan to increase sales? Come to Europe. You can try to make an advance order for the Tesla 3 models in Romania. Deliveries to Europe will begin in the coming weeks.

The most expensive Tesla Model 3 will cost 80,000 euros in Italy. It will not be the same price everywhere.

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