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I suspect that it is no longer a secret for anyone that Huawei wants to become the world's largest phone manufacturer in the world (as a number of units sold) and its main competitor is Samsung. The Chinese company estimates that it will arrive first in 2020, but has so far surpassed the South Korean tablet maker.

According to the latest Digitimes Research reports, we found that in the first 3 months of 2019, just over 37 million tablets were sold globally compared to the same period last year (+ 13.8%).

The top 3 is made up of the same manufacturers in the mobile phone market, but in another order: Apple, Huawei and Samsung. The US company has a stake of more than 25%, while the remaining percentages are shared between manufacturers of Android tablets and Windows.

Digitimes Research did not provide precise numbers, but from its data we found that Lenovo lost fifth place at Microsoft's expense and that demand for low-end (7 and 8-inch) models is down (-6.7% comparative with the same period of 2018).

Even if they are not what they were, tablets are still a useful gadget in many areas and for different categories of people (especially children).

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