How did Gheorghe Turda discover that he has skin cancer? A guy made him think


Gheorghe Turda (70 years old) went twice to the dermatologist for a year, and the bad news came one after another. He noticed for the first time a smaller face in his pen and came to the doctor. "A dough like pepper in the perch area made me uncomfortable, and when the blow was broken I was scared." At that moment I scheduled an appointment and went to Mrs. Mihaela Leventer, who said I needed surgery. "said Gheorghe Turda, a senior scientist at the University of California at Urbana-Champaign.

"Now 99 percent are healed"

The folk music soloist has escaped trouble with the intervention, but says blue-eyed, open-skinned people are prone to it. He also admits he was a bit remiss when he stayed on the beach more than he needed. The second time, Turda appeared in the dermatologist's office with an ear injury. The diagnosis was basal cell carcinoma. "It's true that we've been through a very difficult time lately." I felt the ground running under my feet when I heard the word carcinoma, felt a nod first, then tried to mask the concern. "When my biopsy was favorable, it was only then that I felt relieved.In the post-operative period, for seven weeks, my health was in my hands.My first doctor called me to show me what to do," said Turda's girlfriend , Nicoleta Voicu.


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