HOROSCOPE. Predictions of the runes for April 8 to 15, with Mihai Voropchievici. Scorpions have surprise gifts, Levi wins in all their plans


HOROSCOPE. The namesakeologist Mihai Voropchievici presented in the show "hidden truths" the predictions of runes for the week 8-15 of April.

HOROSCOPE. Aries. He has a week in which he has to consolidate his position, both at home, among family members, and at work, among colleagues, but also in society, in the sphere in which he comes in contact with everyday life. Strengthen your position. Know who Aries is, who the boss is, and what he has to say.

HOROSCOPE. Taurus: the natives of Taurus benefit from the charge of Vunjo. It is the week when they have won everything in all their plans.

HOROSCOPE. Twins: They should be prepared for a set of changes next week, but beneficial, meaningful, significant changes.

HOROSCOPE. Cancer: Those who are tense have two things: to relax, not to get so tense, not to worry because they are caring for family members, relatives, for everything, they are sick. He is not sick, he does not have the person that you think he has health problems, he has an excellent state of health. You may become hypochondriac because you have not seen them for a long time. But over the weekend, take the plane and go to your loved ones and see that there is nothing true to your fears.

HOROSCOPE. Leo: Win on all fronts, quickly, qualitatively, jump into your existence next week. You kicked in next week, all is well, it's in your yard. It's not the value of Vunjo, but it's about 80% of it.

HOROSCOPE. Virgin: He's still waiting for something and waiting for last year, next week he's waiting for news about a very important change and is producing this week next week. Be prepared for this change you wanted.

HOROSCOPE. Libra: They are in a mood for a fight next week, they are a bit tense, they will hold more battles or a small one, but be careful with diplomacy and tact because you will definitely win. There is not much scandal and show.

HOROSCOPE. Scorpio: Always preparing for good things has a wonderful week. Very good news, important money and surprise gifts.

HOROSCOPE. Sagittarius: They have triple protection, and next week Sagittarius is protected by divine forces, all evil or less evil, evil or other evil. There will be a protective field around it.

HOROSCOPE. Capricorn: He always gives orders, accepts to receive a few times, but does not execute them, he does not want to. He has a week to change tactics, not to impose, accept, and accept too much to try to impose. So change the tactic. Try to do the opposite of what you have done so far and have seen that it did not bear fruit or it did not work.

HOROSCOPE. Aquarius: He is thinking of loving, someone loves him up there, someone is thinking intensely about him, and his thought is accompanied by a wonderful gift, a gift.

HOROSCOPE. Fish: The fish because we were still talking about love, because they are waiting through the mantra, they seem to have done it. In the first part they came with the song because they say: the symbol of love, something new, hot, passionate, a new superpassional love.


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