Honor has great plans for the future; Expecting to stay in fourth place in leading smartphone manufacturers


Lately we have seen that the Huawei Honor Submarine is doing well on the market, bringing products that are really exciting to the public, both in the medium and high standard areas. honor is now officially present and in our country, having already concluded important partnerships with retailers or operators in Romania, such as eMAG and Orange, respectively.

Today, we find out what the future plans of Huawei for this division are, after a press conference organized jointly by both sides. Well, we started with Huawei and found that they want by the end of 2019 to overtake Samsung and eventually steal their leadership lead from 2012.

As for Honor, the goal is to raise that mark in 4th place globally ranked among the top smartphone manufacturers in the world. We do not have a timeline exactly when Huawei is expected to do this, but given the spectacular evolution recorded over the past year, we are not far from this ranking change.

In other news, Huawei wants Honor to be second in China's top smartphone makers in the future.

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