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Hagi and Becali hit the palm of the hand, the player gave the final answer! "That's what the boy told me!"

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Gigi Becali understood Gica Hagi by Bradley of Nooijer, as Digi Sport has announced exclusively you here, but the soccer player opposed the transfer. The FCSB's boss ordered him to close a point behind the Dutch defender on holiday to persuade him to sign with the runner-up. In vain, the Viitorul coach announced live on Digi Sport that the move is no longer up to date.

Nooijer was not satisfied with the FCSB variant, although the runner-up and Viitorul understood the transfer value in general. The batav player thinks he is already in a very good club where he can make his way to the West so he is not satisfied with another challenge in League One. Second, the player trusts Hagi and his qualities and has fear. FCSB will not have the guaranteed title.

Becali, ignored

Even so, Gigi Becali seemed to decide not to miss him and had someone speak directly to the player about the opportunity to move. "By Nooijer? I sent an emissary to convince the boy that he had gone abroad. I say that if he persuades you, we understand. Hagi and I understand"Becali said last week at Digi Sport at the Football Club show.

The FCSB goal was not achieved, De Nooijer being unbeatable. He explained that he would only take a step toward a Western team if his name was tempting. Gica Hagi explained that the transfer was down, the footballer does not want FCSB.

"Brad's staying with us because we have these qualifications. He'll only leave if he has a good offer. That's how I got it from the boy and his manager. This is his decision."said Hagi at the Football Club at Digi Sport 1.

In these circumstances, the transfer of Junior Morais, who was searched by Şumudică in the future club, Gaziantep, is questioned, and it is hard to believe that without a substitute, the red-blue will betray the Brazilian.

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