Sunday , October 24 2021

Google Chrome. ALERT! NOTICE for all users


Google Chrome monitoring

Google Chrome. The most used browser to surf the Internet, both on computers and on phones, is at the center of a new alert today, and everyone needs to be very careful about what they are saying. Specifically, Google Chrome is introduced by Americans as a tool through which Google monitors everything we do on computers, including mobile phones, all without the users knowing it.

Google Chrome. Based on an experiment made for Google software, a journalist discovered that it is being watched everywhere by the US company's software without knowing it. According to the journalist, in a week of browsing the internet, almost 12,000 cookies were installed on your computer through Google Chrome, allowing the tracking of all activity on the Internet.

Google Chrome. ALERT! NOTICE for all users

Google Chrome. Regardless of the site they visit, they all install cookies on computers to monitor all the data that the user accesses on the Internet, all without knowing it. Including Google, they had cookies they used to better understand the user and display the ads they needed, with Google Chrome being the perfect tool for collecting all this important information from people.

"In my week of browsing the desktop, I found 11,189 requests for tracking cookies that Chrome would have taken directly to my computer, but which are automatically blocked by Firefox.These small files are the hooks that data companies, including Google itself, use to see which sites you visit so they can build profiles of your interests, income, and personalities. "

Google Chrome. In contrast to Google's browser, Firefox does not install cookies of this type, so users do not have to worry about being monitored anywhere on the Internet. Companies that display ads, and beyond them, need these cookies to display relevant ads, and Chrome certainly has settings that allow them to be blocked, at least in part, but must be user-driven to be effective.

Google Chrome. All this monitoring is done on any device where the browser is installed, so now you have a very clear idea of ​​what happens when you browse the internet.

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