Translation by Google Assistant

Google Assistant. A very important resource that no one believed to be possible was officially launched by Google for its personal assistant and its users around the world, and many people can use it now. More specifically, I'm talking about a new feature that turns Google Assistant into a translator for people who use a personal assistant with speakers or smart screens, which is a unique feature available to them.

Google Assistant. The launch of this personal assistant function was announced by Google about a month ago and is now finally being offered to customers using the products listed above. According to information provided about the role that makes Google Assistant a translator, the personal assistant can do these translations into Italian, Spanish, Polish, Dutch or Chinese, which means some of the most spoken.

Google Assistant becomes a translator for users

Google Assistant. You can see in the video above how this new translation function in loudspeakers and smart screens can be used, in the end, 27 languages ​​will have official support for this. As is normal, Google tries to provide as many users as possible to use Google Assistant to make their lives easier, and those with a friend who does not speak a common language will now have the opportunity to understand them more easily.

Google Assistant. Since Google also has the Translate platform, which can offer translations in multiple languages, it is normal to see such a feature implemented for the personal assistant. Of course, the Romanian language is not among the ones offered to Google Assistant in this translation function, so it remains to be seen how it will last until we can also benefit from it.


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