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Google. The US company still hides a huge problem with the Android operating system on the iOS operating system, and this is because the company has been struggling for years to make changes. Although it has been over 8 months since Google launched Android 9 for users worldwide, the adoption rate of the operating system still did not exceed 0.1% of the total Android user base, unfortunately.

Google. The US company hides the true adoption rate of Android 9 among users, and that's because it did not update the 8-month page, which displays information on the rate of adoption of different versions of Android. I told you in February that Google had not updated this Android popularity page, and now we are talking about exactly the same thing, the operating system still remains very unknown.

Google. A BIG PROBLEM OF iOS Android

Android 9 adoption in February 2019

Google. If we look at iOS 12, which exceeded the 80% adoption rate among iDevices, we are talking about a "ground-to-ground" difference between the two operating systems, with Android being a major disadvantage. Of course, Apple offers updates to its iDevices automatically for everyone at the same time while Google launches the basic version of Android, and manufacturers have to offer updates separately, but they do not rush with that.

Google. Unfortunately for all Android users, this perpetual problem with Mountain View's operating system seems to be endless, and that's a serious problem. IOS will always be well ahead of Android from this point of view, and if Google has not achieved 10 years of solution, the chances of doing so at the moment are extremely small, which everyone already knows.

Google. That said, Android is good on many, but when it comes to fast updates, the focus has to be on something else.


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